1. How is Technology Changing Security Guards Industry

    Rapid advancement has changed every industry for the better. The security sector is no exception. Several new technologies have come into the market that have streamlined our industry and created a completely new standard for delivering security services. In this blog, we share tips that will help y…Read More

  2. Guidelines for a Security Guard Training Program

    Security services have become a very lucrative and important business in recent years. The threat of violence, vandalism and criminal activity has gone up in recent decades. Businesses, property owners and citizens feel unsafe and many agree that personal security officers make them feel much more s…Read More

  3. Security Guard Ethics and Responsibilities at the Workplace

    Most private security companies create a written code of ethics and responsibilities for their security guards. This code of ethics can be very useful for officers. It helps guide their performance and behavior at work. The code of conduct outlines expected behavior and communication protocols. It s…Read More

  4. Principles of Communication and Role of Private Security Officer

    Good communication skills are very important for security officers. They need to communicate with a wide range of people, both orally and in writing. Private security officers need to communicate with others to collect information, monitor situations, and prevent unauthorized behavior. They also nee…Read More

  5. A Guide to CPR

    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a lifesaving technique that can prove to be useful in emergency situations in which someone’s heartbeat or breathing has suddenly stopped. Doing CPR right away can increase a person’s chances of surviving heart attack. The American Heart Association (AHA) r…Read More

  6. Emergency Management

    The term “emergency management” entails a really broad landscape. In fact, one can only make sense of it in a particular setting only.  For instance, emergency management for a retail store will be different from that of a school. Similarly, a hospital will have a different emergency plan than …Read More

  7. Security Training and Jobs

    How Good Training Improves the Prospect for Landing a Job of Security Guard? We all know that an individual needs some formal training and the ensuing certification to get eligible for the job of a security guard. Let’s take the example of Florida where one needs to have Class D and Class G licens…Read More

  8. School Security: Keeping Our Children Safe

    The dark and depressing unfolding of last year’s Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting is still fresh in the memories of the residents of Florida. The gloom and gravity of that tragedy are not going to fade away anytime soon. The event is the stark reminder of how gun control laws or the lack ther…Read More