1. Importance of Having a Concealed Weapon License

    Carrying a firearm for the sake of one’s own protection is the right of every US citizen. Nevertheless, carrying a weapon comes with many responsibilities and requirements. And one of them is to acquire a concealed weapon license. Here, we will talk about why it is important to get a license for a…Read More

  2. What Makes Optimal Security the Optimal Solution for you

    Optimal Security is the best solution to provide you security services because of our commitment to customer service, our innovative services, transparent communications, and our highly competitive cost. Customer service Our customer service is miles beyond that of other security services. We know t…Read More

  3. Armed Vs. Unarmed Security

    Here at Optimal Security, we are proud to offer armed and unarmed security services in Miami. If you are looking to protect your business or event, our security professionals have the knowledge, experience, and training to keep your people and property safe. We recently went over the benefits of hir…Read More

  4. Security License Instructor, In it for the Money

    Understanding that there is a limit to everything is important, but there are exceptions that can be made even in that case. The idea is to push your own self to discover new horizons even if it means carrying yourself kicking and screaming towards that goal. The point here would be that every perso…Read More

  5. Concealed Weapon Permit

    Optimal Security is proud to offer classes to obtain a concealed weapon license in the State of Florida. Our Miami armed security detail is made up of gun professionals, who have the knowledge base necessary to teach you how to properly handle a concealed weapon. In today's society, a threat can hap…Read More

  6. Stay in the Know With Officer Report

    Security officers and guards are a necessity for any business or valuable personal property. You need to make sure that your valued assets are kept safe at all times, and no person with a malicious intent can damage or steal them. Security officers are the perfect solution, because these highly trai…Read More

  7. Benefits to Hiring a Security Guard for Your Company

    Despite all of the advancements of civilization, when somebody instigates violence, it is a dog eat dog world. Luckily, we have evolved our institutions to combat instances of violence by being bigger, better, and badder. One place where this is evident is in the security business, where agents are …Read More