In today’s murky times, the job of a security guard has become very crucial. Every organization, whether small or large, wants to inculcate a sense of protection in their staff and visitors by hiring professional security guards.

But to become a security guard, you need a license. In Florida, we are the best security school to get trained and obtain a security license due to the given reasons.

Practical Training Program

We believe that one can’t master the theory without subsequent hands-on application of it and hence our security training program is centered on practical knowledge.

Especially, security guards are required to work in practical situations and circumstances. Therefore, our training program is not just about teaching the aspirants only through theories and hypotheses. Even the laws associated with public security and safety are demonstrated in practical settings in our training program.

Seasoned Instructors

Inexperienced instructors are not proficient enough to teach the theory and practical knowledge of security guard training. Individuals with sufficient experience of the field can only be able to prepare a good batch of individuals with security training needed for a professional job.

In our school, most of the instructors have more than 15 years of experience in the domain of security business. So, they don’t only teach the coursework to the trainees but also pass on their experience to them.

Up-to-date Training Curriculum

Our training curriculum is a dynamic one. Every new amendment in administrative code or any security-related legislation gets integrated in our coursework on time. Besides that, newly introduced security measures get frequently added in the curriculum.

Last but not the least; we are a state-approved security school to provide multilevel security guard training. Our training certificate helps the trained individuals to get their security license from the Florida Department of Agriculture Division of Licensing without any trouble.