The occurrence of crimes in the form of thefts, robberies, break-ins on a business location is accepted as a matter of regulation. But if not taken care of and prevented, then they can have far-reaching implications not just for the business, but for the whole community.

Increased crime rates in and around a business’ premises can reduce its profitability. For a venture surviving for its sustenance, it is always difficult to provide ample support for the people working there.

Therefore, it is imperative for businesses to take necessary measures for preventing on-site crimes through the use of security services.

We will outline some crucial points to help you devise and implement a crime prevention plan for your business, in this article. You can take the assistance of top security companies in Miami for the implementation of these measures.


To make your business crime-proof, start off with risk assessments to identify the pointers that can aid and provoke criminal actions. Here, we will provide you with some examples of how crime risks can be assessed for a particular venture.

  • If a venture deals with cash transactions, then there are increased chances of robberies and break-ins.
  • If the neighborhood where business is located has anti-social tendencies, then you must be prepared for the instances of vandalism, brawls and general public disorder.

Like this, you can take into account several other factors to assess the probability of crimes that happen in and around your business. A checklist of all such risk factors will facilitate you in allocating the resources for security services accordingly. A good security firm can also perform a risk assessment for your business.


Checking the surrounding of your business is an important prerequisite to implement security measures. For instance, if a warehouse is surrounded by overgrown bushes and is poorly-lit, then it becomes a favorite for burglars to barge in.

Therefore, immediately move to maintain the surrounding landscape and light up the area well enough to deter petty thieves. If the warehouse stores expensive commodities then you must deploy an overnight armed guard service to ensure the protection of the assets stored.

Moreover, make sure that all windows and doors of the construction are securely looked. Installations of burglar alarm and surveillance cameras are also good crime prevention measures that you can take up. Maintain a record of people entering your business premise. A security guard on the entrance can be of great help in this regard.



Businesses expanded on more square feet can face a greater challenge in protecting their premises from all sides all the time. In such cases, security patrol is a tried and tested method for crime prevention, but make sure that you are availing the services of a top security company in hiring patrolling personnel.


Also, make sure that the walls of the construction are not ridden with graffiti. Littered walls are not good for your business’s impression. Moreover, add extra fencing on the walls and paint them with anti-vandal paint. It is another step you can take for better crime-proofing of your business premises.

By taking up all these measures, you can ensure that the surrounding and premises of your business remain protected from criminal activities.


Now, it’s time to look within. In-house thefts and crimes are as prevalent as outside intrusions. Such events might not make it to local headlines, but they certainly are detrimental to the health of the business. If your venture is retail in nature then you must be on your toes to protect it because they are targeted the most by in-house crimes.

According to statistics, around 70 percent in-house crimes are attributed to shoplifting and employee misdeeds. Several measures can be taken for the prevention of crimes happening within the premise.


Set up a network of CCTV cameras throughout the floor and monitor it in real-time through attentive personnel from a reputable security firm. Moreover, you can streamline the internal security by implementing RFID access control.

Furnish your products with RFID tags and allow entry in sensitive divisions only through RFID cards. It will certainly decrease the instances of shoplifting and deter employees to get involved in any wrongdoing.


Sometimes, it is seen that thefts and robberies continue to happen in the presence of electronic surveillance because some criminals are only deterred by human watch. For that reason, stationing security patrol inside the premises is a good idea. Presence of trained security guards around them will discourage many ill-intentioned individuals to steal and loot.


Setting up an anonymous hotline for employees to report any instance of internal criminal activity can also be used as a deterrent.

A mix and match of all the above-discussed security measures can successfully put a cap on the cases of in-house crimes.


As you can see, all the discussed crime prevention measures have a great involvement of security services. This entails that the expertise of security guards and security services you are going to hire will be essential to your crime prevention plan.

  • Make sure that you are hiring personnel who have completed their security training from a reputable security training school in Miami.
  • You might have to hire a group of security personnel including armed guards (for entrance and external patrol) and unarmed guards for internal surveillance and monitoring.
  • When you are hiring unarmed security guards, it’s always better to prefer the individuals who have taken additional classes of carrying concealed weapons from a reputable security training school because a guard must know how to use and carry a weapon regardless of the nature of his duty.

Moreover, when you are devising a crime prevention plan for your business, consulting people who have experience and expertise of the domain is always a sensible thing to do. There are security companies in Miami that render consultation services. Actions maneuvered through an expert opinion will result in more robust and effective crime prevention measures.

After getting done with the implementation of your crime prevention plan, it’s time to enjoy and reap the benefits of the improved security environment. Reduced losses, satisfied employees, and better impression will most definitely contribute to making your business more lucrative.