In today's world, security training has become an essential part of the professional development of security personnel. With the increasing number of security breaches and cyber-attacks, it is imperative that security personnel be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to prevent and respond to security threats. One important aspect of security training is obtaining a security license.

A security license is a document that certifies that an individual has completed the necessary training and passed the required exams to work as a security professional. This license is issued by the relevant government agency and is necessary for individuals who wish to work in the security industry.

To obtain a security license, individuals must undergo specific training and pass an exam that tests their knowledge and understanding of security protocols, laws, and regulations. The specific requirements for obtaining a security license vary from state to state, but typically involve completing a certain number of hours of training and passing a written exam.



Proper training is essential for security guards to effectively provide security. Proper training enhances security, improves professionalism, ensures legal compliance, prepares for emergency response, increases effectiveness, improves customer service, leads to career advancement, and reduces liability. It is important for employers to invest in the training of their security guards to improve the safety of the public and protect their assets. It is equally important for security guards to take their to the next level.


Security system considerations are the factors that must be taken into account when designing and implementing a security system to protect assets, such as people, data, physical infrastructure, or intellectual property. These considerations are critical to ensuring that the security system is effective in protecting the assets from potential threats and vulnerabilities.

There are several key factors to consider when designing a security system, including:

  1. Threat landscape: The threat landscape refers to the potential threats that the security system must protect against. These threats can include cyber attacks, physical theft, or natural disasters.

  2. Asset classification: Asset classification refers to the process of categorizing assets according to their level of importance and the level of protection they require.

  3. Risk management: Risk management involves identifying, assessing, and prioritizing risks to the assets being protected, and developing strategies to mitigate or manage those risks.

  4. Security measures:...


Geopolitics is a branch of political science that studies the effects of geography on international politics and foreign policy. It looks at how geography, economics, culture, and history shape the relationships between countries and other actors in the international system. Geopolitical analysis seeks to understand how a country's location, resources, power dynamics, and strategic decisions shape its foreign policy and global interactions. It takes into account a country’s physical geography, economic resources, cultural influences, military capabilities, and political strategies when predicting how it may interact with other countries.

Geopolitics can influence international politics in many ways. Geography plays an important role in the way that countries interact with each other. For example, countries with access to the sea and good ports can more easily engage in international trade compared to landlocked countries. The availability of natural resources, such as oil and minerals, can also shape a country's foreign policy decisions. Additionally, geopolitical dynamics...


Political Financial Strength

Economic strength is necessary for any nation to remain secure in today's world. A strong economy allows a nation to invest in its defense, create jobs, and stimulate innovation. A nation with a sound economic footing can also become more attractive to foreign investors, providing valuable resources to finance the nation’s security efforts.

Politically, a nation must remain strong to effectively protect its citizens and interests abroad. A strong government can help ensure that laws and regulations are properly enforced, both domestically and internationally. This helps provide stability within the country as well as deter foreign forces from engaging in hostile action against the state. Additionally, having a strong international presence through diplomatic channels is necessary for any nation to maintain security globally. Through diplomatic efforts countries can address global threats such as cross-border terrorism or nuclear proliferation, which have become increasingly important issues in today’s world....


Defining Critical Incident Management

Some examples of different incidents where coordination of resources was necessary to include:

  1. Coordination of resources necessary to help a person in need during a natural disaster.

A prime example of this was hurricane Sam, which damaged property for up to $32.8 billion (FL, 2021). It caused over 194 deaths in its course. It required the fire department and police department to pool resources with FEMA, the Red Cross, and a range of other humanitarian causes to ensure that everyone had a safe place to stay during the hurricanes (PresidentOfYes12, 2021).

Furthermore, they also had to coordinate with civilian groups to count and manage people better, allowing for a more detailed overview of the number of people that needed help. This also allowed for better relocation to settlements and back to their homes once the hurricane was over.

  1. ...

Types of Terrorism and Media

International terrorism and domestic terrorism are both similar in that they are motivated by hatred and a desire to create fear and terror. The main difference is that international terrorism is carried out by groups or individuals who operate outside of the country they are targeting, while domestic terrorism is carried out by groups or individuals within the country. Domestic terrorists may target government officials or institutions, while international terrorists often target civilians. International terrorism is also more likely to be motivated by religious or political ideologies, while domestic terrorism is more often motivated by personal grievances.

The media plays an important role during a terrorism response. The media can help spread information about what is happening and can help raise awareness of the situation. The media can also help hold government and law enforcement officials accountable for their actions. In some cases, the media may even be able to help negotiate a peaceful resolution to the...


Common Mistakes in Executive Protection

Like common individuals, highly qualified executive protection representatives make mistakes. Once they are assigned in the field they are on high alert along the way, no matter who their client is, it is a matter of life and death until they are declared to abort. The entire period while handling the situation is surely at risk for both the client & the agents who are assigned, so there is no room for mistakes in this kind of job because it’s a matter of security and anything can go wrong with a blink of any eye.

The fact remains the same with the serious nature of the executive protection, common mistakes that special agents make is part of our discussion, therefore we’re going to highlight some of them in this article.

First, executive protection comes with respect, which is the major issue among all security providers. If agent don’t pay respect to the client, it can be a big trouble for both parties. Respect is the only thing that will never drive you angry. Go-ahead test it, you’ll know....


Following are the steps an HR department can take when it comes to security personnel hiring to ensure minimal risk to the organization or its interests.

1. A human resources department should require all security personnel candidates to undergo a background check. Candidates can circumvent the intent of this step by lying about their past or providing false information. Organizations can prevent or mitigate this threat by conducting thorough background checks and verifying all information provided by the candidate. Since this step is typically conducted before an offer of employment is made, it is also important for organizations to have clear policies and procedures in place regarding what type of information would disqualify a candidate from being hired.

2. A human resources department should require all security personnel candidates to take a drug test and psychological evaluation. Candidates can circumvent the intent of this step by using drugs that are not detected by the drug test or by providing false information about their...


After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the security industry in the United States changed significantly. The attacks led to an increased focus on security and a need for new and innovative ways to protect people and property. The security industry responded by developing new technologies and approaches to security.

The 9/11 attacks also led to changes in the way the security industry operates. The attacks highlighted the need for better coordination and communication between different security agencies and organizations. The security industry has responded by developing new standards and protocols for information sharing and cooperation.

These attacks also spurred the development of new laws and regulations governing the security industry. The USA PATRIOT Act, passed in 2000, significantly expanded the powers of the government to investigate and prosecute terrorist acts. The Homeland Security Act, passed in 2002, created the Department of Homeland Security, which has responsibility for coordinating the nation’s security efforts.

Furthermore, they led...


Criminal intent and negligence are two different legal concepts. Criminal intent refers to the mental state of a person who commits a crime. Negligence, on the other hand, is a failure to take reasonable care to avoid harming others.

Negligence can be either criminal or civil in nature. Criminal negligence typically involves a conscious disregard for the safety of others, while civil negligence typically involves a failure to take reasonable care to avoid harming others. The concept of criminal intent is important to determine whether a person can be held criminally liable for their actions. If a person commits an act that results in harm to another person, but did not do so with the intention of causing harm, then they may not be criminally liable.

For example, if a person gets killed in a deliberate road accident, it would be classified as murder, while if there were no intention to kill, it would be classified as manslaughter. The difference in the sentence would range from a life sentence or over five years to a few months or a year.

The standard of proof...


Investigations are vital in assisting law enforcement in uncovering the facts related to an incident and solving crimes. In the case of the missing bus radios, various investigation techniques can be employed to uncover clues and solve the mystery. Documentation, interview techniques, observations, and technological tools can all be used to help solve the case.

Documentation is important in any investigation as it can provide clues as to what happened and who was involved. In the case of the missing bus radios, documentation such as bus radio logs, security footage, and witness statements can all be helpful in piecing together what happened.

Interview techniques are another important tool that can be used in an investigation. In the case of the missing bus radios, interviews with the bus drivers, radio dispatchers, and maintenance staff can all provide valuable information.

Observations can also be helpful in an investigation. In the case of the missing bus radios, observing the bus radios that are still in place can give clues as to how they were taken and who...


Technology has changed the nature and effectiveness of crime-scene processing and evidence collection in a number of ways. One of the most significant ways is by providing law enforcement with new tools and methods for collecting, processing, and analyzing evidence. DNA analysis, for example, is considered to be one of the biggest advancements in helping find criminals. Where this was once a time-consuming and expensive process that could only be performed by specialized laboratories, DNA technology has now evolved to make it possible to perform this type of analysis much more quickly and cheaply, making it a valuable tool for solving crimes.

Similarly, new computer software programs can be used to create three-dimensional models of crime scenes, which can help investigators visualize the scene and identify potential evidence. In addition, digital cameras and other imaging technologies can be used to capture crime-scene evidence in great detail, which can be helpful in identifying details that might otherwise be missed.

Technology has also made it possible for law...


Following are some of the most common security measures that retail stores use to protect themselves against abnormal loss.

1. Video surveillance systems

2. Prominent signs

3. Bright lighting

4. Lack of hiding places

5. Break-resistant windows and doors

6. Restricted access to back stores, staff areas, or system computers

7. Silent or audible alarms

8. Mandatory security and emergency training

9. Routine inspections

The three most important measures among these are video surveillance, the use of bright lighting, and restricting access “behind the counter.”

Video Surveillance is a key element in any security infrastructure and is being used very commonly across the globe. Video surveillance works closely with bright lighting to help security guards silently find if any individual is shoplifting or seems suspicious. The goal is to ensure limit abnormal loss by dealing with intruders before they can damage anything or dealing with shoplifters as silently as possible.

The lack of hiding places and break-resistant...


Organizations and events increasingly depend on security staff to keep them secure from possible threats and provide aid in the case of an emergency.

A security agency is an absolute must-have for every business, whether a retail store, an office complex, or an event. A security officer's responsibility is to keep people and property safe by identifying potential threats and resolving any issues.

To achieve these goals, the security guards must have a strong desire to succeed. The top security guards are highly sought after, and the competition is fierce in the market.

In theory, people may automate the work of security guards due to technological advancements and improved monitoring equipment.

However, this is not currently the case. The importance of human connection cannot be overstated.


Teams are an essentials part of improving organizational performance, including for-profits and nonprofits. Not only does it help the organization achieve a goal more efficiently, but it also shares individual loads and highlights key skills via complementary roles and cooperation.

Organizations perform better with cohesive teams, using the synergy of their people to reduce the input-to-output ratios. Working together as a team improves individual perspectives, skills, and scope to effectively help the organizations solve complex problems in light of its vision and milestones.

Teams don’t just benefit organizations but also enable individuals to support each other and learn more about their craft. It improves employee morale by giving them a sense of belonging and increases their commitment level, which in turn improves the social aspect of society as a whole.

The mix of skills helps organizations, individuals, and society go beyond the scope of what a single person can accomplish. The generation of new ideas and the ability to solve complex problems is also...


Organizational Behavior (OB) for business administration or security setting involves identifying unique behavioral queues and implications. The goal is to help the management emphasize behavior that reflects the company culture better and create an environment that reflects the same. For security personnel, the primary objectives include improving upon practical goals, such as the teamwork of its employees, organizational leadership, overall motivation, and organizational change and development.

OB and its scientific application can help with a widespread problem in understanding the conflict between managers and subordinates, especially new ones. There is a cultural difference that the new manager must deal with, not to mention how the new approach towards the managerial role also contributes to the conflict.

OB helps the management understand the reason behind a specific type of behavior with its scientific application. The process involves observing a situation, creating a hypothesis as a plan for dealing with a particular issue, theorizing it for practical...


In many instances, a company's strategy is ingrained with an age-old culture and attitudes shaped either by the original founders or the new leaders. Cultural alignment has a very deep impact on the organization's strategy and its effectiveness.

While strategy drives the focus and direction of the organization, its culture depicts the emotional and organic habits that the people adopt to implement those strategies and achieve objectives. This means that a company strategy only represents the headline of the goals, while culture is what determines desire, engagement, and execution.

A company culture is more likely to drive operations than its company strategy. The mission, vision, values, and expectations derived by the culture are what shape the strategy, not the other way around. Unfortunately, this may also mean that there may be an element of poor ethics developing because of the culture, which may become an impediment to the organization's way forward.

For example, if the culture embraces the strategy, the goals become much clearer, scalable, and...


Removing redundancies, improving interdepartmental communication, and regular training are key to ensuring long-term improvement in organizational security. Unfortunately, one of the biggest concerns for organizational security at any level isstill internal threats. Employees and trusted individuals may fall victim to corruption or personal pressures, compromising organizational integrity in the process. The same could also be done by disgruntled employees as revenge.

Departments should communicate these risks regularly to the digital and physical security staff so that they may take the necessary steps and eliminate the risk in the process. Communication is one of the most difficult things to address in the workplace.

Another threat that organizations face is the lack of digital and physical safety protocols by the staff. Training sessions by the security personnel, increasing awareness of the potential hazards and training on how to deal with them could be the key to helping everyone create a better environment in the future.

The digital age is rapidly...


One of the most prevalent conflict and ethical dilemmas HR individuals and security staff may find between themselves is hiring or firing specific individuals. The two departments may have a conflict about the person's personality work ethic, and most importantly, a valuable resource may be deemed a security risk simply because of personal bias from the security staff. On the other hand, the HR department may not screen individuals properly out of spite for the security staff and deliberately forward individuals they know won't stand up to their role(s).

Other key areas where the two departments may dispute or face ethical dilemmas include:

• During restructuring and layoffs

• Recommendations for appraisals of specific individuals

• The access a particular individual should be given to sensitive information

• Privacy of the staff. While the HR department may suggest that the security staff uphold employees' privacy, the security staff may need to closely monitor individuals.

• There may be a delineation of duties as the security regulations get...


How does training cost differ between contract and proprietary security services?

The training costs for contracted security services are more affordable when compared with proprietary security services. For starters, the business does not have to spend their time and resources training security guards because this is the burden of the contracted agency.

As such, employees can focus their time and efforts on running the business instead of worrying about training employees. Moreover, contracted services ensure that the business does not have to worry about the cost of hiring, employee benefits, onboarding, paid time off, and other perks. The business may only have to pay by the hour to the security agency - which in turn, is responsible for managing all the costs associated with the employment of the security guards.

Which one costs the hiring organization more: contract security training or proprietary security training?

Simply put, the cost in both human resources and money when creating and maintaining an effective proprietarysecurity training program...


What cost factors are associated with fire protection and safety systems?

Fires are a serious threat for any workplace, making the need fora comprehensive form of fire protection essential. The cost factors associated with fire suppression systems largely depend on the industry and size of the facility.

Cost Factor #1: Size of the Facility

The overall size of the building will greatly influence the cost of the installation. In general, large buildings will require more expensive installation. For example, a larger facility with several floors and more space will require more sensors and equipment. This will cost more.

Cost Factor #2: Type of Equipment

One has to account for the costs of fire detection, fire alarm, and sprinkler systems along with water valve hooks from nearby fire departments and other fire safety measures. The cost of equipment also varies based on the following factors:

Pipe Material: Plastic is more affordable. It can be used whenever possible to minimize installation costs.

System features: Most workplaces will...


Interviews are classified as 'meetings' in which information is shared voluntarily by two parties, except that one party (the interviewer) holds more cards than the other (interviewee). The purpose of an interview is to obtain information from a person voluntarily, without the use of force from any party.

There are several interview techniques suitable for different approaches, circumstances and to achieve very specific results. These include

1. behavior-based interviewing or BBI. These interviews help assess how an individual will act in a given situation or how the individual acted in the situation in question. The interviewee is asked to describe the event in detail and present their own account. This may not be an effective technique for people who know which cues to hide/display and when. In many instances, behavior can be manipulated and, therefore, impact results.

2. Case interviews involve presenting the interviewee with a situation similar to one they are suspected of and asking how they would handle it. There is a very thin line between case...


There are five basic components of verbal communication that ultimately dictate what we communicate:

1. Sound and volume

2. Language and vocabulary

3. Pitch

4. The message itself and

5. External static or environmental distractions

Non-verbal communication is a much more extensive part of communication and therefore constitutes of different components. These primarily include:

1. Facial expression(s)

2. Gesture(s)

3. Eye contact

4. Chronemics

5. Supporting evidence

6. Posture and

7. Haptics

It is important to note that depending on the form and subject of communication, more or less communication principles may also be used during a conversation, formal or informal. Other general components of communication that may very well be an important factor in how well a message is communicated include:

1. Encoding the message

2. Medium of transmission

3. Decoding the message

4. Feedback of the message.

Decoding and feedback are the ultimate goal of any communication and...


The concept of communication in security settings revolves around the idea of giving security personnel a safe and secure communication channel to communicate within the infrastructure and with people and equipment outside.

Communication in security involves improving verbal and nonverbal communication factors within security infrastructures to ensure that the message being conveyed from one point to another is done so properly, and has a positive influence on others. This is applicable for managerial as well as peer communication.

Interpersonal communication is key to creating a stable and relatively predictable security environment and therefore allow the management to make better decisions. This paper will go over the communication infrastructure of security management and how it can be improved.

Basics of Communication In Security Setting

As the security industry evolves, so has the need for good communication. However, it has become a lot more difficult today than in the past. This is because of the sheer number of communication methods and how each...


Liability as it applies to private security and state security regulations is different. The police, in general, enjoy qualified immunity that protects them in case they end up breaching the law while performing their duty. In fact, law enforcement personnel are required to undergo training and education. There are many governing bodies that regulate how public officials should behave.

Professionals in the private security sector also have to deter criminal or suspicious activity, but their training and education requirements vary from employer to employer. Private security personnel are required to follow the federal and state laws as they apply to any other employee.

More specifically, security personnel are more vulnerable to cases involving negligence and they are also liable for actions involving intentional injury.

Security guards should be aware of the degree of permissible force that they are authorized to use. This can be difficult to determine in certain cases. Security personnel should not use more force than is necessary to reasonably remove or...


Law enforcement agencies are under a lot of pressure to lower crime rates while simultaneously managing low budgets and a lack of manpower. As a result, many businesses and establishments are supplementing the work of law enforcement agencies by turning to private security firms. It isn’t uncommon for the domains of private security and law enforcement agencies to intersect every now and then.

This necessary, albeit not as frequent, collaboration makes itcrucial to establish a partnership between the two groups. Private security and law enforcement agencies have to find common ground and work towards achieving the mutually beneficial goal of keeping their communities safe This often extends to information sharing. The insights that security personnel can provide to police are invaluable and could go a long way in apprehending suspects.

There are several organizations that are committed to improving collaboration between private security companies and law enforcement. ASIS International’s Law Enforcement Liaison Council is one such group that is fostering dialog and...


Time and again, investigations reveal that hundreds of credentials - whether it's from security guards or instructors are fake. The highly publicized 2020 arrests of Christopher Jean-Pierre, Antiliqwa Fisher, and Tequila Porter on suspicions of fraudulent security guard certifications and licenses come to mind.

Schools and institutions place incredible trust in security guards and expect them to be properly trained and licensed to carry out their jobs. Fake security guards without the skills and training not only put themselves at risk, but also harm the very people they have been hired to protect.

The security of people and property is at stake and those who are flagrantly violating the sanctity of public safety should be held accountable to the full extent of the law.

Unfortunately, some odd cases of fraudulent credentials will slip through the cracks in the system. It is important for everyone's safety to be on the lookout for shady online services and scams that try skirting the authentication process.

At times it can be easy to spot fake credentials...


According to reports, private security outnumbers police forces all across the globe, especially in Asia. From Russia all the way to South Asia (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka), private security is more spread out. Even in the US and the UK, more individuals are hired to protect certain individuals and assets than the number of police officers protecting the public.

This development is mostly due to the increased number of kidnappings, terrorist attacks, school shootings, cyberattacks, and more. Numerous states and governments often hire private security forces and militias to help them in places where governments don’t want to get involved or where they are strapped fiscally and financially. Examples include government hospitals, schools, municipal properties, and more.

Apart from personnel and asset security, some of the most common places where private security guards are preferred include clubs, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities, educational facilities, religious organizations, financial institutions, and more.

While a...


​The security landscape has evolved significantly over the years. Where there used to be just outlaws to deal with, not there is a wide range of criminals looking to score a win, each with a different set of skills to boast. Businesses need a robust security infrastructure now more than ever. Businesses have a range of options to consider, ranging from contract-based security to proprietary, hybrid, or virtual security. However, not every one of these models is perfect for every security requirement. One of the biggest factors to consider when it comes to deciding the best model is to decide on the type(s) of risks the manufacturing plant is liable to find itself entangled in. This may include physical security or digital security risk, or even internal risks that may not come forward for years to come. Determining the risk is the first step in identifying the best type of security infrastructure to implement. This paper will discuss the different types of security infrastructures out there and which one would be suitable for this manufacturing plant.

Understanding the...


The concept of private security began with kings and queens of old as assassinations and corruption began to spread throughout human civilization. It began from protecting the royalties and their properties and soon, the king’s guard wasn’t the only set of security guards around. Wealthy individuals also started to follow the same practice.

Security guards managed to keep homes and properties relatively safe, but the same couldn’t be said about the roads; particularly in the early years of the American Revolution. Outlaws would make travel alone fraught with danger. And so, private security got mobile following caravans and hiding inside them to keep them safe on long journeys.

Over time, as weapon systems evolved, so did security guards. Automatic guns, cameras, cars, bikes, and mobile communication devices meant that what 10 guards could do in the past; only one could do now and in a much more efficient manner. And hence, the private security sector developed and became modernized.

But with modernization, more and more security risks also came to be. Now,...


For a criminal investigation, police officers need to keep several key elements in mind. There are some on-scene and some immediately-after steps to consider and some ways to record evidence so that detectives can properly conduct the bulk of the investigation as time passes. Once the crime scene gets ‘cold’, i.e., 24 hours pass, chances of catching the culprit gets lowered significantly.

1. If police officers arrive and the crime is in progress, the culprit must be stopped and apprehended immediately.

2. If the crime has already happened, officers must locate suspects and canvas the area to look for witnesses and question them.

3. The area must be cordoned off to wait for CSIs and/or MEs.

4. CSIs should preserve crime scenes and conduct a systematic search for evidence

5. Any and all evidence or potential evidence must be collected.

6. Bodies of deceased victims should be traced, photographed by forensic photographers, and examined by MEs before being transported to the morgue.

7. All analysis and witness reports are collected and...


Yes, the private security sector should take an active role in preventing terrorism – especially considering how there are more private security guards in most countries compared to the number of law enforcement individuals. In fact, that is exactly what the post-9/11 Policing Project is (IACP initiative). Law enforcement and private security companies present the same degree of threat to terrorists, which is why they are considered to play a critical role in counter-terrorism. Terrorists attack law enforcement just as frequently as private security companies, which means that preventing them from taking action would mean that security companies would be left unprotected.

Another major reason why private security should take part in counter-terrorism is the resources they tend to have. In most cases, counter-terrorism evaluation research is conducted by private companies, and because of their budget, their research is more accurate. On a small scale, private companies are often given strategic intelligence on how to operate and avoid terrorism. However, as far as...


Week 2 - Vulnerability Assessment

Discuss the methods used by security managers to assess various risks and vulnerabilities.

The risk assessment process used by security managers includes four steps;

1. Identification of risk factors

2. Risk assortment

3. Identification of risk controls

4. Identification of risk impact

5. Creating a risk report

When determining the risks and vulnerabilities of any given organization, a risk profile is created it includes considering the following essential factors;

• Risk triggers/indicators. These could be the political stances of the local government, weather, or even the traffic conditions, based on the business structure.

• Intensity of risk. This signal identifies whether mitigating said risk requires moderate or drastic measures on the company’s behalf. Moderate risk means moderate measures, while immense risk means drastic measures.

• Setting up a mitigation plan. This is the most important element of risk analysis. If the mitigation plan is straightforward, the risk’s...


19 has fastened many an advancement, forcing the whole world to work from home, but that wasn’t the only change. Cybercrime also increased at least five times (WHO, 2020). From securing cryptocurrency wallets all the way to organizational mainframes and social media passwords; the need for cyber security has increased in every aspect of our lives.

Cybersecurity infrastructures are now starting to use AI and ML algorithms to keep track of potential attacks and eliminate false positives, effectively helping us take preemptive action and safeguard our information.

Furthermore, firewalls are becoming more adept at what they do with more and more failsafe elements being introduced in the same. Now, firewalls don’t just keep attackers out, but also make sure that if someone enters, they are unable to leave with any data. This one-way flow of information gives cybersecurity teams enough time to isolate and kill any malware or unauthorized IPs in the system.

Cybersecurity is also taking a slightly offensive approach now, thus giving the “defense” some teeth to bite...


Loss Prevention Areas Where Each Career Is Growing

Several key careers are particularly in demand because of the current business climate. These include;

1. Cloud data loss prevention expert.

2. Physical store/retail loss prevention

3. Warehouse loss prevention

4. Asset protection specialist

5. Fulfillment loss prevention.

Out of the five, cybersecurity loss prevention specialists are the most demanded in the market.

Reasons for the Growth

The rapid growth in demand for cloud security experts is mostly because almost every business had to go online after COVID-19. Hackers used this opportunity to their advantage, attacking numerous systems while they were in the process of shifting to the cloud or while creating a cybersecurity infrastructure. This led to 2020 being remembered as a disruptive year because of two pandemics; COVID-19 and a cyber pandemic (Lohrmann, 2020).

With more and more threats rising every year, businesses had no option but to rely on Cloud Data Loss Prevention officers.

By the time...


The Bhopal gas strategy of December 1984 will forever remain a blight in the history of process safety and engineers will continue to learn and re-learn the lessons associated with the notorious gas leak. Many hypothetical scenarios and models have discussed prevention strategies, and arguably, the most effective of these is the Incident Command System (ICS).

In general, a typical incident command system (ICS) takes three key components into account:

• Prevention: identification of credible scenarios and operation procedures as well as safety measures (in this case it would be the toxicity of MIC).

• Communication: Rapid communication between management, safety officers, site emergency responders, neighboring communities, and police officials (there was a lack of communication between employees and management at the plant).

• Mitigation: Adequate and transparent sharing of information and cooperation with external services for mitigation of damage (the existing safety protocols at the plant were poorly implemented or were not followed due to outright...


It's a foregone conclusion that managing safety and health is an important aspect of doing business, especially as it relates to injury-prone industries such as manufacturing and construction. Safety and security can be achieved through proper education, training, and use of protective equipment, as well as following safety rules, standards, and laws.

To this end, security and safety personnel play a specialized role in protecting the overall health, welfare, and assets of an organization. Their role is to maintain a safe workplace to safeguard the health of employees and clients alike while also identifying hazards.

Each organization has its own unique system that reflects its way of doing business, the hazards of their industry, and managing the safety of employees.

Security and safety personnel are often tasked with designing a system that works for the organization. It is up to them to decide how best to operate a safe and healthy workplace, and put a planinto place for everyone to follow.

Safety officers may also work closely with regulation...


Why did the security plan fail that day?

Law enforcement officials at the highest levels of office admitted that the security plan failed to protect members of Congress from aggressors. Although Washington D.C. has many agencies to uphold the law, they were overwhelmed by a group of mostly unarmed rioters.

The fact that this attack occurred - at all - is evidence of negligence on several fronts - from the time it took for the National Guard to be deployed to disperse the rioters to the carelessness of intelligence officials who disregarded online posts referring a potentional coup.

Officers who were interviewed admitted they were 'mostly on their own' when the throngs of rioters overwhelmed them. Not only was this a case of gross negligence, but also a clear indication of how the police command structure completely collapsed.

The Capitol Police, which is a well-equipped body of some 2500 trained officers, failed to send enough...


Property and asset owners will go to any lengths to protect what’s theirs. While the law recognizes the need and duty to do the same, carelessness or negligence on the part of security guards can put the owners in the wrong quickly.

The law suggests that companies and individuals are allowed to take security measures to protect their property from crime. However, at the same time, it also suggests that if people are allowed access to the grounds, it is the company’s responsibility to look out for the safety of visitors as well.

This usually includes taking reasonable care by instituting security measures that would – under normal circumstances – be sufficient. In case something happens out of the ordinary and the owner has implemented reasonable security measures, they may not be held liable for any further damage.

If the property or asset owner hasn’t undertaken any security measure, they are held liable unless specifically mentioned that the public should visit the place at their own risk. However, theproblem is stationing security guards or security...


The security measures taken at airports are a prime example of just how important mass transportation security is. However, this increased security for commercial airliners was only introduced after 2001, and other forms of mass transportation are yet to follow a similar example.

In mass transportation, there are a number of security risks that can lead to dire circumstances; and these aren’t just limited to dangers from terrorism, but also other aspects, as we’ll discuss below. In today’s world, undermining the importance of security in mass transportation is one that leads to immense loss, along with being a source of embarrassment for governments.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the importance of security in mass transportation, along with the different aspects we need to secure to ensure public and freight security.

Importance of Security in Mass Transportation

The problem of security in mass transportation is not as dire in developed countries as it is in developing or underdeveloped countries. Experts suggest that...


You may be surprised to learn about the extensive training that security guards go through before they are certified. Apart from protection skills and combat training, security guards are given diverse knowledge and are thoroughly trained to deal with emergencies. That makes security guards essential employeeswho have to deal with all kinds of emergency situations on your premises.

The world today is filled with uncertainties, and you can never be too safe when it comes to protecting your property and save the lives of people on your premises. Security guards do more than guard your building because their training equips them with knowledge and experience of handling emergencies swiftly and without hesitation. Whether it is a fire outbreak on your premises or any other emergency, security guards can handle it all.

People often panic and lose all sense of rationale when faced with an emergency, but a security guard is different because they are trained to remain calm under pressure. When things go wrong, security guards know how to save lives and prevent extensive...


Private security firms must operate in compliance with the legal guidelines set by their respective governing bodies. Generally, these policies are set on a county and state level by the relevant authorities and differ from state to state.

Non compliance with legal requirements can result in fines and/or termination of the security license. In worst case scenarios, personnel can be arrested and tried in a court of law. Hence, it is imperative for private security firms to adhere to the relevant legislation in their area.

In this blog, we look at several legal aspects that apply to private security firms in general.


Private security firms play an important role in maintaining peace and order. When businesses and individuals hire their own private security, it lowers the strain on governmental resources. That is why most law enforcement agencies and legislators encourage and support private security firms.

However, private security officers must abide by certain laws to ensure that...


Rapid advancement has changed every industry for the better. The security sector is no exception.

Several new technologies have come into the market that have streamlined our industry and created a completely new standard for delivering security services. In this blog, we share tips that will help you to be more proactive and adapt to changes quickly instead of delaying and missing out on the digital revolution.


The security function has always relied on mobile devices like walkie-talkies, metal detectors and scanners. These devices helped security guards on the ground stay in touch with a command center and raise alerts in case of problems.

The function is now being transferred to mobile apps that can be easily installed on cell phones and digital devices. There are dozens of new apps in the market that can help security companies and guards with staffing, tracking, alerting and communication. The apps are designed to be used through handheld devices and make it easier to keep track of incidents, patrol...


Security services have become a very lucrative and important business in recent years. The threat of violence, vandalism and criminal activity has gone up in recent decades. Businesses, property owners and citizens feel unsafe and many agree that personal security officers make them feel much more secure.

It is no surprise that more and more security guard companies are entering the market. Recent estimates show that the industry generates over $30 billion in the US every year. There are millions of people employed in the security sector either as guards and surveillance officers or device manufacturers.

With many new security companies entering the business, customers have some concerns about guard training and service quality. In this blog, we consider many pertinent issues surrounding security officer training and development.


Security officer positions did not require much training or qualifications until recently. Most businesses just hired someone with a diploma, good physical fitness and a clear...


Most private security companies create a written code of ethics and responsibilities for their security guards. This code of ethics can be very useful for officers. It helps guide their performance and behavior at work.

The code of conduct outlines expected behavior and communication protocols. It shows security guards how to interact with other people at work, including clients, visitors and suspects.

In this blog, we will consider the expected code of conduct and responsibilities of security guards on client premises.


While each company can choose its own version of the code, a standardized version has also been developed. It was drafted by the Task Force on Private Security for the National Advisory Committee on Criminal Justice and Standards and Goals in 1976.

The standard code of ethics is a comprehensive list of undertakings that covers a large range of security guard conduct. Here are some of the main undertakings of the standard code of ethics.

  1. The security guards will...

Good communication skills are very important for security officers. They need to communicate with a wide range of people, both orally and in writing.

Private security officers need to communicate with others to collect information, monitor situations, and prevent unauthorized behavior. They also need communication skills to present reports to concerned authorities.

In this blog, we review the important principles of communication in the private security sector and how they relate to security officers.


The ability to communicate effectively is a necessary skill for security guards. It helps them adjust their behavior to different situations and defuse problems peacefully when required.

Security officers face a variety of situations in their day to day tasks. They are required to act stoically and professionally under all kinds of circumstances.

Lastly, a security officer must be intuitive and good at judging people’s motivations. Skills in negotiations and bargaining can help. They also need to...


Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a lifesaving technique that can prove to be useful in emergency situations in which someone’s heartbeat or breathing has suddenly stopped. Doing CPR right away can increase a person’s chances of surviving heart attack. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends people to start with chest compressions when they are doing CPR.

It is better to do something to help a person than to stand idle. Even if you are fearful that your skills or knowledge aren’t perfect, you should still do something to help a person who is about to lose their life. You never know your actions might just save them.


If you have no idea about how to perform CPR, then you should only provide hands-only CPR. Don’t know what that means? Well, hands-on CPR means that you should give chest compressions of 100 to 120 a minute without any interruption until the paramedical staff arrives. We will get to the details later. If you aren’t trained, you shouldn’t attempt rescue breathing.

If you are trained in CPR and believe...


The term “emergency management” entails a really broad landscape. In fact, one can only make sense of it in a particular setting only. For instance, emergency management for a retail store will be different from that of a school. Similarly, a hospital will have a different emergency plan than a bank.

Nonetheless, some elements and characters are recurring in every emergency management plan, regardless of the type of setting it is going to be implemented. Case in point: a security guard, which is a part of the security plan of every establishment, also has an integral role to play in devising and executing an emergency management plan.

In this blog post, we will discuss the five major phases of any emergency management plan but from the standpoint of security and by factoring in the role of security personnel.


The first and foremost objective of any emergency management plan is the prevention of emergency itself for one simple reason: if an emergency is averted, you won’t need any management plan at all. It sounds like a...


How Good Training Improves the Prospect for Landing a Job of Security Guard?

We all know that an individual needs some formal training and the ensuing certification to get eligible for the job of a security guard. Let’s take the example of Florida where one needs to have Class D and Class G licenses to operate as unarmed and armed security guards respectively.

These licenses are usually conferred to individuals after they complete a certain number of training credits. It is quite clear that these training hours are needed to comply with the formalities enforced by state and federal governments.

Beyond these paperwork requirements, there are some important pointers of formal security guard training that helps everyone in landing the job they actually want. Let’s look at those qualities that any good security training regimen inculcates, helping you secure the right security guard opening.


The dark and depressing unfolding of last year’s Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting is still fresh in the memories of the residents of Florida. The gloom and gravity of that tragedy are not going to fade away anytime soon. The event is the stark reminder of how gun control laws or the lack thereof often precipitates into such tragedies.

It was also a wakeup call for school managements all over the country to beef up the security of their premises. Besides rampant gun control provisions, on-site security lapse adds to the horror of an active shooting scene. Amending federal laws to make stricter gun rules is still a long haul prospect. However, it is well in one’s hand to soup up the school security to ensure better safety of children.

Here, we are going to discuss some important points with respect to school security. The discussion will surmise how some simple measures along with the services of certified security personnel can make all the difference for the security of any educational institute.




World is majorly comprised of average folks. The same goes for the commercial sector where the majority of the workforce comprises of individuals with average talent and temperament. There is no harm in having the majority of the mediocre workforce. The truth of the matter is it is pretty normal for companies to have 80 percent of their workforce from the average pool.

Having said that, it is also a fact that the world moves, innovates, and does better by the virtue of top-performers. Whether it’s an academic or a commercial entity, their top performers represent them at major podiums.


The main purpose of having a homeowner’s association is to manage a neighborhood’s roads, parks and pools. Community association boards and managers spend lots of time on making the neighborhood safe. This goes beyond, street lights, kids at play signs, and your friendly neighborhood watch.

Safety in a homeowner’s association neighborhood is always at the top of the list for HOA, who are always looking into proactive safety measures that can be taken to keep the streets and homes in their neighborhood safe.

This is where mobile patrol and inspection services come in. Reason being, a mobile patrol and inspection service makes members of a community feel safer, which is also the reason why many HOA rely on these mobile patrol services and see them as an asset to their communities. Here, we are going to take a quick look at the reasons why HOA should hire a mobile patrol and inspection service.

Hiring Experts

It is the HOAs responsibility to provide security for the members in the community. HOA boards often rely on the guidance of experts...



South Florida has become a major hub for the global export of goods. According to the Florida Chamber, Florida’s investment in commercial trade has strengthened export development and the global economy, along with increasing trade and creating new jobs. Goods worth US$147.7 billion flowed through Florida’s airports and seaports in 2017. The state is also a major producer, and exports of Florida-origin products reached $55 billion in 2017.


Armed security escort is a preventative measure all companies should use to reduce the risk of loss. Assessing possible threats to your cargo during transport can be prove to be difficult. One of the more valued benefits of hiring armed security to accompany cargo is their ability to assess security threats, and ensure the safe delivery of the product for export.


Identifying security risk during the transportation and off-load of cargo is essential in export...


It’s easy to understand why many security guards face the problem of not having enough to feed their families. Anyone who’s been in this world for the past couple of decades knows it’s hard to make ends meet, and with a family to look after, you’re definitely not able to keep up with the expenses. This is especially true due to rising inflation and living costs, and an ever decreasing value of your payout.

Undoubtedly, there is a universal need to earn more out of the work you do. With the right guidance you’ll get there. If you know what to look for, you’ll be better prepared for these opportunities and hopefully get yourself in the right stream to maximize your earning potential.

Everyone comes up with unique plans on how to make more money in the limited time they can spare, but if you’re a smart person this solution is not suited to you, because we’d recommend working smarter rather than harder.

With rising inflation and smaller salaries, there are bound to be more criminal activities. And with a shrinking budget there isn’t much you can expect out of the...


While no victim of a crime chooses to be a victim and the only real way to prevent becoming a victim is to prevent the criminal act to begin with —which is entirely up to the criminal— there are things that you can do to increase your personal protection and help prevent becoming a victim. Be it assault, robbery, identity theft, or an act of terrorism, there are steps you can take to help avoid finding yourself in dangerous situations that put yourself at risk. Our goal with this blog is to help you become a little more aware of threats and what you can do to help mitigate them.


All too often, people tend to mind their own business and keep to themselves, and while this is polite, it does not mean that you can’t also remain vigilant. Take note of what is happening around you, your surroundings, and the people near you. If a criminal is looking for the ideal target, they will search for someone who seems oblivious that they can easily catch off guard —the element of surprise. If you are alert and paying attention, you don’t...


The occurrence of crimes in the form of thefts, robberies, break-ins on a business location is accepted as a matter of regulation. But if not taken care of and prevented, then they can have far-reaching implications not just for the business, but for the whole community.

Increased crime rates in and around a business’ premises can reduce its profitability. For a venture surviving for its sustenance, it is always difficult to provide ample support for the people working there.

Therefore, it is imperative for businesses to take necessary measures for preventing on-site crimes through the use of security services.

We will outline some crucial points to help you devise and implement a crime prevention plan for your business, in this article. You can take the assistance of top security companies in Miami for the implementation of these measures.


To make your business crime-proof, start off with risk assessments to identify the pointers that can aid and provoke criminal actions. Here, we will provide you with some examples...


Workplace violence entails different forms of aggressive behaviors against employees from within the premise or outside. These violent actions can be physical or verbal. Threats of any sorts at workplace are also deemed as violence. Some rare and extreme cases of workplace violence can aggravate to homicide cases.

For that reason, workplace violence is a major security concern for any organization to maintain an affable working environment, particularly in Miami where organizations have employed individuals from different racial, religious and geographical backgrounds. This stark difference between workers makes workplace spaces more susceptible to incur violence.

An ideal work environment is where each and every staff member can work with a peace of mind to reach full potential and productivity. To achieve this, role of security guard services in Miami plays an important role.

As mentioned earlier, workplace violence has many facets and therefore personnel from security guard services in Miami will need extensive cooperation from human resource and the...


In times when safety has become one of the topmost issue for both individuals and organizations, the value of security jobs has also soared. As an individual, you can serve as a security personnel in different capacities. There are many types of jobs for security guards in Miami. Each of them needs the issuance of D license as a prerequisite.


Personal security guards are hired for the protection of a certain individual. They move along with the person wherever he goes. The job of personal security guards doesn’t involve a lot of public interaction, but they are required to complete 40 hours of security guard training to get the D license from the Florida Division of Licensing.

For the job of personal security guards, getting training to carry concealed weapon is considered a good add-on. Make sure that you are getting this training from instructors that are certified by the National Rifle Association.


Armed security guards have a more demanding job description. They are...


The profitability of tourism in any region is closely linked to the state of its hospitality industry. Even a picturesque landscape will fail to attract tourists for long if there are no safe and secure accommodations available around, or if there is nothing for recreational activities. Similarly, a generic location can be transformed into a tourist haven with the help of a robust hospitality industry.

In southeastern part of the US, Miami is the focal destination of tourists from within the country and all across the world. Each year, millions of them flock this coastal city and hospitality sector has a crucial role to play in maintaining the bustle.

Hospitality industry in the city can’t thrive only with its attractions and peculiarities. Good safety measures are also needed, which can be ensured through good security services in Miami.

Let’s have a look on some important features of security associated with hospitality industry and role of security guards services Miami in it.


An establishment...


Often referred as the magic city, Miami is the eighth most populous urban center of the United States. Throughout the year, it is crammed with tourist not just from other parts of the US, but also from all across the world. Due to bustling life in the city, the job of security guard here holds good prospects.


To qualify for a concealed weapon license, Florida law requires you to submit proof of competency with a firearm. A copy of a Certificate of Completion or similar document from any of the following courses or classes is acceptable:

Any hunter education or hunter safety course approved by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission or a similar agency in another state;

Any National Rifle Association firearms safety or training course;

Any firearms safety or training course or class available to the general public offered by a law enforcement agency, junior college, college, or private or public institution or organization or firearms training school, using instructors certified by the National Rifle Association, the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission, or the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services;

Any law enforcement firearms safety or training course or class offered for security guards, investigators, special deputies, or any division or subdivision of law enforcement or security...


Like any other profession, security guard’s performance is also based on several features. People interested in adopting the field of security should be aware of the performance objectives they should fulfill to become a successful professional.

It is also necessary to understand that formal training from an esteemed security service institution aids a lot in realizing these objectives. Having been aware of these features will definitely help interested individuals in starting off their job on a high note.


Every profession is linked to customer service one way or the other and the job of security personnel is no different. In most of the cases, security guards are simultaneously rendering their services to business owners, their employees and their customers. One can say that focusing on customer service is more crucial for security guards because they are serving a range of them at a time.

For security personnel, a good customer service constitute not only of just being stationed at their designated...


In today’s murky times, the job of a security guard has become very crucial. Every organization, whether small or large, wants to inculcate a sense of protection in their staff and visitors by hiring professional security guards.

But to become a security guard, you need a license. In Florida, we are the best security school to get trained and obtain a security license due to the given reasons.


We believe that one can’t master the theory without subsequent hands-on application of it and hence our security training program is centered on practical knowledge.

Especially, security guards are required to work in practical situations and circumstances. Therefore, our training program is not just about teaching the aspirants only through theories and hypotheses. Even the laws associated with public security and safety are demonstrated in practical settings in our training program.


Inexperienced instructors are not proficient enough to teach the theory and practical...


To issue a security license in Florida, the State’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service Division requires 40 hours of formal training from every aspirant through an authorized security training school. Apart from getting the permit to work as security officer in the state, attending a professional security guard training class is also important for various other reasons.


For security personnel, it is a part of everyday routine to have public interaction. Whether they are deployed as a security officer on educational institutes or work on retail stores, dealing with people is an integral part of security guard’s job.

A reputable security guard training guides you with best practices of public interaction in different challenging and tricky circumstances.


How to operate a firearm is not all what a security guard needs to know to fulfill his job requirements. Oftentimes they have to arbitrate in problematic situations and to make sure that no crisis culminates in...


No business, whether small or large can function optimally without employing security. And whenever a business comes across this question, they have two options to choose; either to set up a separate department on their own or to outsource this task to a company dedicated to provide specialized security services.

Here, we will discuss the benefits you can reap from outsourcing security responsibilities of your business to professionals.


Carrying a firearm for the sake of one’s own protection is the right of every US citizen. Nevertheless, carrying a weapon comes with many responsibilities and requirements. And one of them is to acquire a concealed weapon license. Here, we will talk about why it is important to get a license for a concealed firearm.


There is no legal obstacle in carrying a weapon because it is every citizen’s constitutional right according to The Second Amendment. However, carrying a weapon even a concealed one can stir up people around.

Having a license will provide you with an extra layer of protection. Even if someone calls for police after seeing your concealed firearm, then having a license will prevent you from getting into trouble.


It is usual for weapon owners to carry one in their vehicle while commuting. If you are pulled over with your concealed weapon, then showing police officer the license will bury any doubts and will-shorten the long string of...


Optimal Security is the best solution to provide you security services because of our commitment to customer service, our innovative services, transparent communications, and our highly competitive cost.


Our customer service is miles beyond that of other security services. We know that in order to provide your organization with the best security services we need to be available to address any security concerns whenever needed. We provide 24/7 customer services and are approachable for any questions or feedback you have. We aim to continuously improve ourselves by listening to our customers.


Optimal Security is run by people who have been in the security business for a long time but have always have the vision for providing security services for the future. We use industry best practices but we innovate and use the latest theories and technologies wherever possible to improve your security.


We take our...


Here at Optimal Security, we are proud to offer armed and unarmed security services in Miami. If you are looking to protect your business or event, our security professionals have the knowledge, experience, and training to keep your people and property safe. We recently went over the benefits of hiring a security guard on our last blog. But which type of security should you choose? When it comes to armed vs. unarmed security guards, there are a few things you should consider before making your decision.


Before you make a decision on what type of security you should hire, there are five questions you should have answered. This will help you determine whether the added security of armed guards is necessary. So, consider the following:

  • Do you have a specific threat to your property?
  • What are the concerns you have regarding damage to your property or person?
  • Are you hiring security on a public or private piece of property?
  • Is there a certain perception you are trying to uphold, that security...

Understanding that there is a limit to everything is important, but there are exceptions that can be made even in that case. The idea is to push your own self to discover new horizons even if it means carrying yourself kicking and screaming towards that goal. The point here would be that every person has a certain limit or goal and pushing above and beyond that is their responsibility.

Being a security guard is a profession that is considered respectable and has good pay associated with it. But the importance of training from a reputable school is critical here. The idea to receive the best education from the best schools on the matter cannot be understated. This would ensure you have a wide base of educational backing when you enter the field. This also means that you would have more options to look into. Having a driving license and an arms bearing license would in both cases be benefits that would add value to your skill set.

Receiving training from a prestigious institution would mean that you are more reliable, and better equipped than your peers. As a matter of...


Optimal Security is proud to offer classes to obtain a concealed weapon license in the State of Florida. Our Miami armed security detail is made up of gun professionals, who have the knowledge base necessary to teach you how to properly handle a concealed weapon. In today’s society, a threat can happen at any time. By having the proper training, you can save your life and others. The concealed weapon license classes will carefully go over Florida State Statute laws on deadly force, firearm safety, pistol mechanisms and operation, building pistol shooting skills, and pistol maintenance, selection, and use. Our Miami concealed weapon permit classes are taught by a Certified Firearms Instructor.


Security officers and guards are a necessity for any business or valuable personal property. You need to make sure that your valued assets are kept safe at all times, and no person with a malicious intent can damage or steal them. Security officers are the perfect solution, because these highly trained people are adept at eliminating any problems, and preventing thefts as well as other types of losses.

There’s only one problem; they are people, and people make mistakes. Many business owners have found that even after having security officers, things can get stolen. When they investigate they find out that the security officers were dozing off, or weren’t patrolling the way they should. What if we told you that there was a way to ensure that never


Despite all of the advancements of civilization, when somebody instigates violence, it is a dog eat dog world. Luckily, we have evolved our institutions to combat instances of violence by being bigger, better, and badder. One place where this is evident is in the security business, where agents are trained in legal violence de-escalation measures. Whether you are looking for an armed or unarmed guard, professional security like you’ll find here at Optimal Security can greatly increase the safety of your business. Here are some of the benefits to hiring a security guard for your company.


Human beings thrive when they feel secure, and tend to suffer when they are afraid. When you have put everything you have into your business, the last thing you want is for it to be undone by a random thief or vandal, or especially have one of your employees or yourself get injured. Because of that, hiring a security guard can be a huge stress reliever, not even taking account them actually stopping any crime. If you are actively worrying about your...