Often referred as the magic city, Miami is the eighth most populous urban center of the United States. Throughout the year, it is crammed with tourist not just from other parts of the US, but also from all across the world. Due to bustling life in the city, the job of security guard here holds good prospects.


If you want to serve in this domain then you must obtain a security license in Miami. But for that, you have to complete a training course from an esteemed security school in Miami according to the job description i.e. armed and unarmed security guards.


If you want to foray into the field of security as unarmed guard then you will require a security license in Miami issued by the state’s Department of Agriculture. Aside from that, there are multiple requirements one must fulfill to become an unarmed security guard:

  • You must be a US citizen of 18 years and older issued with a SSN.
  • You must have a certification of Class D security license in Miami
  • Completion of a minimum 40 hours of training from a certified security school in Miami
  • You have to submit a notarized application to the state’s Division of Licensing

If you are enrolled with us then we will expedite the process by providing you immediately with a notarized application and certificate on completion.

Our training program for class D security license in Miami to serve as unarmed security officer covers:

  • Legal intricacies
  • Emergency response
  • Public and interpersonal communication

Many other fundamental of security are also covered in this training program.


Job of an armed security guard is of greater responsibility. For this, you must have a state-sanctioned armed guard training to secure an armed license. Apart from that, given are the additional requirements to become an armed security guard in Miami:

  • You must be 21 years of age
  • You must be free of any criminal charges involving drugs, theft or any other act of moral turpitude
  • A completion of obligatory 28-hour training course from a security school in Miami

To get an armed security license in Miami, you will need to get trained for these subjects:

  • Mechanics of weapon and its safety
  • Basics of operating a firearm
  • Civil liability and use of deadly force
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Routine maintenance and care of weapons

Besides that, other details and training outline included in the armed guard training are also provided by a good security school in Miami. To have your armed license remain active, you have to submit a minimum 4-hour weapon training certification on annual basis.

We suggest you to start off your career as unarmed security guard. This job opportunity will provide you with a good idea of this realm. Moreover, most companies and ventures continue to have a great demand for unarmed security guards. So, there are strong chances that you will get employed as soon as you finish with your training.

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