South Florida has become a major hub for the global export of goods. According to the Florida Chamber, Florida’s investment in commercial trade has strengthened export development and the global economy, along with increasing trade and creating new jobs. Goods worth US$147.7 billion flowed through Florida’s airports and seaports in 2017. The state is also a major producer, and exports of Florida-origin products reached $55 billion in 2017.


Armed security escort is a preventative measure all companies should use to reduce the risk of loss. Assessing possible threats to your cargo during transport can be prove to be difficult. One of the more valued benefits of hiring armed security to accompany cargo is their ability to assess security threats, and ensure the safe delivery of the product for export.


Identifying security risk during the transportation and off-load of cargo is essential in export services. There are unique variables during each transport, and it could be difficult to understand where danger could occur.

Theft – Theft can occur in all area of business. Mobil product creates a higher risk. Drivers are at a disadvantage as they are unable to both safely transport the cargo, and, keep an eye on their surroundings. Securing the product for export with an armed security escort places extra eyes on the product, and adds additional safety measures.

Threat of intrusion or violence – Many export business have concerns around the threat of intrusion with the intent to harm employees. Transporting high valued product places drivers at risk of being robbed or injured. An armed security escort’s visible presence can often be enough to deter such action, or, and having a guard on site will provide the fastest response to the most serious of security threats.

Accidents – South Florida traffic can be daunting; occasionally, outright dangerous. Accidents can, and do occur. In the event of an accident, damage to property or property loss can cause great concern for many businesses. Armed security escorts can ensure property is secure until additional assistance arrives.



On-site physical presence – The simple presence of a security escorts can often minimize threats to property.

Armed– Armed guards are highly trained security personnel who are capable of responding to threats at the highest level.

Quick response – Without an escort, you may be left waiting for a response from emergency services. , With a security escorts on your security staff, you will have a first-responder who is focused on your business’s security, and nothing else.

Communication with emergency services – Emergency services such as fire and police are great resources that help keep your business safe, and they can work even more effectively if they are able to communicate with your own staff security guard. A security escorts will be able to assess and respond to threats, take appropriate action, and communicate with emergency services either in person or remotely to keep them up-to-date on the current emergency situation or security threats.