Security officers and guards are a necessity for any business or valuable personal property. You need to make sure that your valued assets are kept safe at all times, and no person with a malicious intent can damage or steal them. Security officers are the perfect solution, because these highly trained people are adept at eliminating any problems, and preventing thefts as well as other types of losses.

There’s only one problem; they are people, and people make mistakes. Many business owners have found that even after having security officers, things can get stolen. When they investigate they find out that the security officers were dozing off, or weren’t patrolling the way they should. What if we told you that there was a way to ensure that never


Officer Reports is the solution you are looking for. You will never have to wonder if your officers are keeping things safe and doing their jobs, because you will be able to view their progress in real time. Any time you feel worried; simply access the Officer Reports’ real time GPS tracking to see what your officers are doing. You can see whether they are patrolling or not, and what area they are in right now. You can also check attendance through GPS and much more. That’s not all – you also get reports at the end of every day that details the activity of the security officers. Instead of staying up all night worrying about security, wake up in the morning and see the daily security reports.

If you are a security company, then you can check the reports before you send them out to the client. There is no reason to leave things to chance anymore.

With Officer Reports, you are always at the top of the game. If a security officer doesn’t show up, you are the first to know. If a security officer leaves their area of work, you are the first to know. Empower your management and deliver excellent services to your clients. The efficacy of your security detail matters, so don’t leave it to chance. If you are looking for security services in Miami, then give the qualified professionals at Optimal Security a call.