The Role of a Security Guard in an Emergency Situation

You may be surprised to learn about the extensive training that security guards go through before they are certified. Apart from protection skills and combat training, security guards are given diverse knowledge and are thoroughly trained to deal with emergencies. That makes security guards essential employeeswho have to deal with all kinds of emergency situations on your premises.

The world today is filled with uncertainties, and you can never be too safe when it comes to protecting your property and save the lives of people on your premises. Security guards do more than guard your building because their training equips them with knowledge and experience of handling emergencies swiftly and without hesitation. Whether it is a fire outbreak on your premises or any other emergency, security guards can handle it all.

People often panic and lose all sense of rationale when faced with an emergency, but a security guard is different because they are trained to remain calm under pressure. When things go wrong, security guards know how to save lives and prevent extensive property damage quickly. They know how to control large crowds and what steps they must take to safeguard people and ensure the situation doesn’t get out of hand.

Several different types of emergencies may occur on a building’s premises, and security guards know how to react to them, making them one of the most crucial employees to have in and around your building. They will be responsible for not only evacuating the building but ensure it’s still standing. Fire emergencies are one of the most common emergency situations that businesses face today, and in this article, we will share how security guards can help in fire emergencies.

The Training of Security Guards for Emergencies

Security guards are given extensive training to combat and control emergencies before they are sent out in the field. Their training includes everything from human relation skills to combat skills and even reconnaissance training. Security guards will work with people, and they must know how to deal with people when they are panicking during an emergency.

They also undergo training to protect the building from intruders and prevent burglary attempts as well. Here is what is covered in security guard training today:

• Combat Skills and Martial Arts

Security guards are taught basic self-defense skills to protect the premises from any attacks and safeguard the lives of people. Combat skills and martial arts training ensures that security guards will not back down from any threat.

• Firearm Training

All security guards are trained extensively to use firearms safely and effectively. They must have experience in using their weapon to control a situation without taking a life. Depending on the client, a safety guard may need to be heavily armed and use extensive force when necessary.

• First Aid Training

Every security guard is also given basic first aid training before they go out into the field. That is extremely useful in emergency situations. Security guards may need to perform CPR on a person and may need to bandage up injured people before help arrives on the scene.

• Computer and Alarm System Training

Security guards serving for corporations are also given computer and alarm system training to know how to respond to different alarms during emergencies. That is very important because you want the security guards to react when they notice an alarm has gone off quickly.

• Human Relation Skills

Security guards are also taught human relation skills to effectively communicate with people and learn how to control many people during an emergency. They must know how to calm down people and what to do when people panic in emergencies.

The Roles of Security Guards When Dealing with a Fire Emergency

Today, many companies have taken extensive steps to fireproof their premises and protect from a fire disaster on their property. However, fire outbreaks are widespread, and you can’t be 100% protected from a fire emergency. Despite all the measures taken, a fire may still break out on the property and must be dealt with appropriately to prevent loss of life and property damage.

Having security guards on your premises when there is a fire emergency is an asset for companies since they are trained to manage and control fire outbreaks. Security guards are equipped with the knowledge and skills to deal with any emergency, and their response can save lives and protect property from totaldestruction. Here are some of the roles that security guards play when dealing with a fire emergency on your property.

• They Will Sound the Fire Alarm

The most important skill that a security guard possesses is that they remain highly alert when on duty. They will patrol the premises at regular intervals and keep an eye on anything suspicious or out of the ordinary that may take place. That is one of the main reasons why a security guard will be the first person to notice a fire outbreak on your premises.

They are trained to act fast when dealing with emergencies and pull the fire alarm to warn everyone in the building to begin evacuating the premises. That is essential in saving lives as you want to act fast when dealing with a fire emergency and getting people out is the first step.

• Make Calls to the Appropriate Authorities

When dealing with emergencies on-premises, most people panic and forget the most important thing: notifying the appropriate authorities. That’s understandable as people’s primary concernis to get to safety first and then deal with the situation. However, security guards are trained to remain calm when all hell breaksloose and will not hesitate to notify the authorities immediately.

That can be a lifesaver for you because it will ensure that the fire authorities arrive on time to deal with the blaze and control the fire before it wreaks havoc on your building. You want security guards to act fast and call the authorities as soon as possible when dealing with an emergency.

• Can Control the Fire Until Authorities Arrive

Most security guards are given extensive firefighting training before they are sent out in the field. That proves to be invaluable when a fire breaks out on your property because they can control the fire until the firefighters arrive on the scene. Acting fast and trying to put out the fire as quickly as possible is essential in ensuring that your building doesn’t suffer extensive damage from the fire.

When you have security guards who will take control of the firefighting responsibility till the real firefighters arrive, you have an invaluable asset on your hand. Your security guards will essentially ensure that your building doesn’t suffer extensive fire damage.

• Will Coordinate the Evacuation from Premises

No one wants to be stuck in a burning building, and people lose all bearing and sense of calm when they are asked to evacuate a building. People will run towards the exit with little regard for the rules of exiting the building in an orderly manner. When everyone is rushing to get out, things can quickly get ugly, and people may cause a stampede in which many are left hurt and requiring urgent help.

To prevent a catastrophe, someone must remain calm. Here, a security guard comes into play as they are trained to control people in large groups. They know all the building’s evacuation routes and can take charge of the situation and coordinate people in an orderly manner to ensure everyone gets out safely.

• Will Ensure No One’s Left Behind When Evacuating the Building

Security guards will lead the evacuation and ensure that each individual is accounted for so that no one gets left behind in a burning building. They will take headcounts after evacuatingeveryone so that they don’t need to rush back in again to save someone. Some people may get stuck in the building or take the wrong exit route and become trapped in the building.

That’s where security guards take charge of the situation, and when they perform a headcount, they will immediately know whether someone has been left behind in the building. They can then share that information with the fire service or even enter the building again if it isn’t risky.

• Will Administer First Aid Care to Injured People

Security guards must undergo first aid training before they go out into the field, which is very useful when dealing with an emergency situation. People may get injured when rushing to exit the building or faint by inhaling excess smoke in the burning building. Security guards are trained to perform CPR on individuals, and they can potentially save the life of someone before ambulances get to the scene.

That can be an invaluable skill set as well-trained security guards will not only ensure that people evacuate the premises correctly but that they are treated for cuts and bruises as well. It is possible that when ambulances arrive, there may be a large number of people requiring treatment, and a security guard may help treat some of them as they have first aid training.

Other Reasons Security Guards Are Useful

Apart from responding promptly to emergencies, there are many other reasons why you should consider getting security guards for your residential or corporate building. Some of the main reasons why security guards are beneficial are because:

• They Deter Criminals

No criminal wants to take on a team of well trained and armed security guards. You can decrease the likelihood of burglaries, vandalism, and assault taking place on your premises as well. Security guards will patrol your premises and will keep an eye out for suspicious activities, and deal with any intruders on your property before they become a nuisance.

• They Keep You Safe

There’s no denying that having a team of security guards ensures that you can rest easy and sleep peacefully at night. When you know that you have trained guards keeping your premises safe from burglars and intruders, it is one less thing that you must worry about. Your clients and customers will also feel safer doing business with a company that takes measures to secure their offices.

• They Keep Things in Order

You won’t need to worry about people making a scene or threatening the management when there is a team of security guards on-premises. They are trained to take charge of situations that may seem to get hand and step in if they think an individual is threatening the building’s peace. That will ensure your employees will be at ease knowing that they are well protected from mischief-makers.


Having security guards on your business premises comes with a host of benefits, which is why more and more businesses are hiring them. Apart from dealing with emergencies effectively on-premises, security guards help in presenting a professional image to clients. During an emergency, you can rest easy knowing that your security guards team has been well-trained to control the situation.

One of the essential qualities that a security guard must have is being level-headed, allowing them to deal with any emergency calmly. That quality is found in professional security guards, apart from their many skills and characteristics. Therefore, you must look at the training the security guards have been given before you hire them.

You want to hire a security guard who is not only a good fit for your business but who you can trust to appropriately react when dealing with an emergency.