The main purpose of having a homeowner’s association is to manage a neighborhood’s roads, parks and pools. Community association boards and managers spend lots of time on making the neighborhood safe. This goes beyond, street lights, kids at play signs, and your friendly neighborhood watch.

Safety in a homeowner’s association neighborhood is always at the top of the list for HOA, who are always looking into proactive safety measures that can be taken to keep the streets and homes in their neighborhood safe.

This is where mobile patrol and inspection services come in. Reason being, a mobile patrol and inspection service makes members of a community feel safer, which is also the reason why many HOA rely on these mobile patrol services and see them as an asset to their communities. Here, we are going to take a quick look at the reasons why HOA should hire a mobile patrol and inspection service.

Hiring Experts

It is the HOAs responsibility to provide security for the members in the community. HOA boards often rely on the guidance of experts when it comes to the security of their communities, which is why they hire a mobile patrol and inspection service.

Professional mobile patrol service providers have the experience and know-how on ways to improve a community’s safety. By putting the proper security measures in place, along with hiring a mobile patrol and inspection service, an HOA can ensure the safety and security of their members.

No Need to have Security On-Site 24/7

Rather than hiring a full-time security guard who is going to be on the property 24/7, hiring a mobile patrol and inspection service is far more effective, and reliable. Random security patrols on all the property within a community, emergency response services, and response to complaints are just some of the advantages that a mobile patrol and inspection service offers a HOA.

A Cost-effective Solution

A mobile patrol and inspection service has access to highly qualified and well-trained security guards, along with the latest in surveillance technology, which makes them more effective as compared to a single security guard. The best part is that they are trained individuals, which means a


Additional Services

Another reason why hiring mobile patrol and inspection is a better idea is because they can provide the HOA with additional services as well. For instance, patrolling the homes to see if all vehicles are parked appropriately in the driveway or garage, there’s no signs of overgrown or dead landscaping, or overly exposed trash cans, or signs of reckless driving by the members of the housing community.

Apart from providing a deterrent to criminal activity in a community, a mobile patrol and inspection service can also inspect the general upkeep of the homes of the community to prevent any avoidable damage.

Ending Note

While providing residents safety is always going to be an on-going topic of discussion in many HOAs, it pays to hire a professional mobile patrol and inspection service regardless of the community type or community demographics. Whether its single-family homes or condominium communities, it is up to the HOA to provide residents with the security they need to feel safe from home invasions, burglary and vandalism.

Sure, you can always hang a bell on your door to scare away the entrant, but hiring the professional services of an experienced mobile patrol and inspection service is significantly more efficient, and gives members of a community the peace of mind they need whether they are at home, or away on vacation or business trips.