Workplace violence entails different forms of aggressive behaviors against employees from within the premise or outside. These violent actions can be physical or verbal. Threats of any sorts at workplace are also deemed as violence. Some rare and extreme cases of workplace violence can aggravate to homicide cases.

For that reason, workplace violence is a major security concern for any organization to maintain an affable working environment, particularly in Miami where organizations have employed individuals from different racial, religious and geographical backgrounds. This stark difference between workers makes workplace spaces more susceptible to incur violence.

An ideal work environment is where each and every staff member can work with a peace of mind to reach full potential and productivity. To achieve this, role of security guard services in Miami plays an important role.

As mentioned earlier, workplace violence has many facets and therefore personnel from security guard services in Miami will need extensive cooperation from human resource and the department overseeing legal affairs, health and safety issues. This teamwork is imperative to shape the duties of risk evaluation, prevention, response and recovery after any incident of workplace violence—the responsibilities of a security guard services in Miami for maintaining corporate security.


At the onset, the role of security guard is to evaluate the risk of workplace violence throughout the entire radius of the organization’s operations. It is an important prerequisite to formulate a comprehensive guideline for the prevention of workplace violence. A good risk evaluation routine must include the below points:

  • Assessing the character of the workplace and the type of operations being run there while looking into the previous accounts of any cases of violence
  • Knowing the views and backgrounds of workers all across different professional hierarchies is also an important task in assessing the risk of workplace violence
  • Gathering the information regarding the design of workplace, administrative rituals and routines
  • It is also vital to look into the history of violence in the organizations with similar workplace environment, structure and design.

For risk evaluation of a business with multiple work sites spread all across Florida, work of security guard increases manifold because they have to assess each and every site with its unique social and operational context. And then have to come up with separate anti-violence program for each work site. Moreover, assessment of crimes in the zone where workplace is located also helps in coming up with an effective manual for the prevention of violence.


Preventing a case of violence of any sort to happen at workplace is the focal objective of an organization and security services. Devising an effective anti-violence policy is a cornerstone of any prevention program. Many times, businesses commit the mistake of directly jump onto formulating violence prevention program without due deliberations in shape of prior risk evaluation.

Optimal Security guard services can help you in devising a prevention policy after thorough risk assessment. There are some fundamental features of any preventive program for workplace violence.

  • A definite classification of forbidden behaviors with clearly mentioning the implications in case of non-compliance
  • An efficient mechanism for the reporting of any violence incident
  • A known course and procedure for investigating and examining such cases

It is also essential for any violence prevention program not to have a tapered outlook. It must be addressing and sorting all types of violent behaviors and actions. In addition, a good prevention program also takes care of risk control by employing different measures.

  • Taking care of hazardous activities by relocating or removing them from the premises of the workplace
  • Organizing awareness seminar and sessions for the employees and related individuals (vendors, free lancers etc)
  • Training for workers to get accustomed to the techniques for violence prevention (security guard services in Miami can help with this hands-on training)
  • Issuing an advisory for workers on how to non-violently handle a situation which involves any sort of aggression


Even after all the risk evaluation and prevention measures in place, unfortunate instances of workplace violence can take place. For that matter, a robust responsive mechanism managed by a reputable security guard service should be set up in advance. A rapid and effective response prevents the violence from expanding and reduces its impact.

Remember that ineffective and lethargic response can tarnish your work environment to proportions which holds long time implications for your business. Make it certain that personnel from security services in Miami are there to meditate and to diffuse any violent situation instead of workers doing heroics on their own.

For instance in case of any verbal abuse, there must be unarmed security personnel from a reputable security guard service present on the premises to diffuse the situation and to tackle the involved parties by preventing the violence from spiraling out of control.

In cases, where physical action is involved in cases of workplace violence, guards with concealed weapons can come handy. There are security guard services in Miami that provide both armed and unarmed guards.

A response to any violent threat will be as good as the contingent of your security guards. An investigation protocol should immediately be followed after any case of violence.



Recovery from any violent incident is important not only for the affected individuals, but also for the entire workplace. A violent mishap with a single worker can badly affect the rest of the workforce. Aside from providing emotional support and psychological counseling to the affected workers, it is also imperative to set up a debriefing session with them along with experienced security personnel.

Debriefing of that violent event will help in evaluating the underlying reasons due to which the incident occurred. It will also help in identifying the loopholes in the existing violence prevention policy and risk evaluation measures.

Above discussion has made it quite clear that Optimal Security guard services in plays important role in addressing the multi-faceted issue of workplace violence in Florida. Therefore, get their services to make sure that your business only boom and bloom with positive and productive energies.