It’s easy to understand why many security guards face the problem of not having enough to feed their families. Anyone who’s been in this world for the past couple of decades knows it’s hard to make ends meet, and with a family to look after, you’re definitely not able to keep up with the expenses. This is especially true due to rising inflation and living costs, and an ever decreasing value of your payout.

Undoubtedly, there is a universal need to earn more out of the work you do. With the right guidance you’ll get there. If you know what to look for, you’ll be better prepared for these opportunities and hopefully get yourself in the right stream to maximize your earning potential.

Everyone comes up with unique plans on how to make more money in the limited time they can spare, but if you’re a smart person this solution is not suited to you, because we’d recommend working smarter rather than harder.

With rising inflation and smaller salaries, there are bound to be more criminal activities. And with a shrinking budget there isn’t much you can expect out of the police either. This makes people nervous, and we can all agree that it creates a sense of vulnerability, which is only countered with private security.

Now private security services tend to exploit the vulnerability of citizens and try to earn a higher keep at the expense of assigning a few guards. The ideal scenario here would be to compare the average police officers patrolling the streets to the employees at armed security services. This would give you a good understanding of who is a better suited candidate for the job.

Transforming from a simple security guard to an armed force agent with proper armed security guard training becomes a necessity, especially to earn the way you desire. It cannot be overlooked at any stage including, attending appropriate security classes and signing up with a security agency that lists the quality of your work as well as the opportunities that best suit your profile.

Sitting here, from a security guard’s perspective, it’s easy to see that any person would need 3 fundamental elements in their favor. These are security training, experience as a guard, and heightened focus for the job.


This one is the most important of the three. A security guard would need appropriate security training to accustom themselves to the proverbial ropes of the business. Being a professional, this is the easiest thing to acquire and usually requires focus and dedication.

After all “to get a better pay one must train in a better way”. The ideal training should be for advanced courses in security guard training including the fields of Armed Security guard training and other advanced courses that are offered to you. This broadens your horizons even within the field making you a more favorable candidate in any security agency.


There is an old saying that rings true for most fields of learning; “Experience is the greatest of all teachers”, personally I believe it holds true for this field too. It is easy to acquire a learning of the field and adapt discipline.

But if there ever was a way to speed up learning, it has always been through hands-on experience. This can be a magnificent advantage for you in regards to the competition. If you’ve served in any security force or military forces before, this would show you as a recorded individual with basic training and would mean you are better prepared for bigger assignments.

Security officers tend to work more with the public so an added advantage for you would be to work on your people skills or in essence how you handle the public.



Now comes the toughest of the three essentials and we’re sure you’ve heard this more than you’d care to accept. But focus is key and working through hardships and chaos requires one to muster up as much focus and awareness as one can.

Focus on the goal you wish to achieve and work towards it with a unique and smart approach. This will increase your chances at anything. And well, if Hollywood has ever left us an example, “Limitless” would be it! It’s all possible when you’re focused. It’s all achievable when you’re driven. And it’s easy when you know what to do in every given scenario. Wielding a weapon itself would require you to focus on everything to uphold the responsibilities that overshadow a responsible gun owner.

There are two lines you can focus on earning from in a security agency; the money management side and the line officer side. The line officer way is easy and you start out with a basic package and late night shifts as an unarmed guard. With experience that can change to $20 or possibly $30 an hour if not more. This also requires you to have appropriate training and licensing which would eventually enable you to earn better. This would mean you would need a Guard License, a Weapons permit, TASER and pepper spray training, a baton CPR and a list of other first aid techniques that you would have to familiarize yourself with to make it possible for you to earn more.

And the other route is to go into money management which would start you out with a basic office job leading you to a scenario where you would eventually, with the progression of time, be able to earn $40,000 to $80,000 annually. This path, though, would still require you to go through guard training and licensing along with management training that would better prepare you for future opportunities. This is easier to acquire as most community colleges offer a course in management.

In conclusion your future earning potential as a security guard is in your hands and nobody understands your potential better than you. When all is said and done, you are the best judge on what steps to take next.