Despite all of the advancements of civilization, when somebody instigates violence, it is a dog eat dog world. Luckily, we have evolved our institutions to combat instances of violence by being bigger, better, and badder. One place where this is evident is in the security business, where agents are trained in legal violence de-escalation measures. Whether you are looking for an armed or unarmed guard, professional security like you’ll find here at Optimal Security can greatly increase the safety of your business. Here are some of the benefits to hiring a security guard for your company.


Human beings thrive when they feel secure, and tend to suffer when they are afraid. When you have put everything you have into your business, the last thing you want is for it to be undone by a random thief or vandal, or especially have one of your employees or yourself get injured. Because of that, hiring a security guard can be a huge stress reliever, not even taking account them actually stopping any crime. If you are actively worrying about your business property being stolen, the stress relief alone can be worth it.


While every security guard must by necessity be extremely well trained in case of an emergency, the reality is that merely posting a security guard is enough to deter crime much of the time. They are much more effective than security cameras, probably because they are actively looking for suspicious activity, and are trained to find it. And, what crime deterrence does not take care of, your security guard will be trained to handle.


While not all security companies are created equal, when you hire a professional security guard, they should be well trained on how to apprehend criminals. At the lower end, security guards will only be allowed to to take down information and call the police. However, here at Optimal Security, we have both unarmed and armed guards available who are trained and authorized to detain suspects in the event of a crime. Training is important, it is what keeps everyone safe in an emergency. Here at Optimal Security, we take the training of all of our guards very seriously. Not only that, but our guards tend to have more experience in the field.



Especially in high traffic businesses, a security guard can provide a great customer service boon to your company. There are all kinds of ways that they can do this. For one, they can help herd people in high traffic areas, helping ensure your customers get where they need to go, and aren’t unnecessarily delayed along the way (the worst thing for a business is a frustrated customer). Businesses that operate at night may benefit from having a security guard who can escort employees to their cars when they request it. On top of that, just having someone around with a friendly smile on their face willing to help is a great way to improve the look of your business. Here at Optimal Security, our guards are trained to be amicable and helpful on duty.


Overseeing a business is a big job, even the more straightforward businesses tend to have more moving parts than one person could feasibly oversee. Not all security guard details are for actively patrolling your business, sometimes it is more of a monitoring position. Whether that be monitoring video footage, looking out for contraband, restricting access to certain areas, or even closing up shop, your company’s security guard can be a valuable pair of eyes and ears for your company. There is no reason not to use the valuable information they will no doubt pick up on the job.

If you would like to reap these benefits for your business, then Optimal Security is here with professionally trained armed and unarmed guards at your disposal. We take your security seriously, which is why our executive team is made up of so many experienced professional guards ready to bring years of knowledge to bear for your benefit. If you have any questions about our Miami security guard services, please do not hesitate to give us a call today for more information. We will be happy to provide any answers that you may need.